CDL Study & Training Resources

The following will help you go through the process of getting your Class A CDL.

Before you begin the following process, make sure you have completed your pre-employment drug screen and physical.

Study for Written Tests

You will need to take the General Knowledge test as well as the Combination, Tanks, Air Brakes, and Hazardous Materials test for the necessary endorsements. Below are videos, quizzes and websites to help you study for each test.

General Knowledge

Tank Vehicle

Air Brakes


Hazardous Materials

Take Written Tests and Get Permit

Go to a driver services facility to take your written tests, be sure to bring Proof of Legal Presence documentation. You will need to pay for the different tests using cash or a check. Once passing the general knowledge test, you will receive your permit.

Prepare for Driving Test

Be able to perform a pre-trip inspection on the truck you will be using for the driving test. The video and checklist will walk you through this process. Use the diagram below to become familiar with the skills.

Take and Pass Driving Test

Once you have passed all of the tests, see Margie Haarmann in the Effingham Office.