Propane Tank Lease Agreement

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Effingham Equity will lease the following tank to the above listed customer:
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A lease fee of $45 will be charged if less than 800 gallons are delivered to this tank from May through April. Failure to comply with the above may result in tank removal and tank pump out charges. The lease fee and minimum gallons are subject to change with out notice.

The following provisions apply:

  • Tank location must meet code requirements and be accessible to a delivery truck with 100 feet of hose.
  • The customer and property owner agree that Effingham Equity representatives may enter onto the premises for the purposes of making deliveries, inspection and related propane system maintenance.
  • The tank and related equipment shall not be moved or tampered with in any manner by anyone unless authorized by the company. Effingham Equity must be contacted if any repairs, maintenance or relocation of the tank is necessary.
  • Effingham Equity is not responsible for damages or injury caused by the tank or related equipment.
  • Effingham Equity is not responsible for inability to deliver propane due to issues beyond its control.
  • This agreement may not be transferred or assigned to any other party. In the event of transfer of property ownership or change in tenants, Effingham Equity must be contacted. The new owners or tenants must complete an account application, qualify for credit and sign a tank lease agreement before delivery of propane.
  • Illinois Liquefied Petroleum Gas Container Act (430 ILCS 10/0.01, et seq.) renders it unlawful for any person, except the tank owner or person authorized in writing by owner, to fill, withdraw, move, connect or disconnect this tank.
  • If another propane company is allowed to violate this Law, you and the other propane company will be subject to a Class B misdemeanor, for which the fine shall be not less than $1,000.
  • The intent of this law is to promote safety. You must not allow anyone except the owner of the tank to tamper with or modify this tank or to fill or transfer any propane contained therein, except in case of emergency.
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