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This constitutes a legal and binding contract between the customer and Effingham Equity whereby both parties have agreed to the following terms, conditions and provisions:


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*Gallons Contracted:

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(does not include applicable motor fuel taxes or sales tax)

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Terms, Conditions and Provisions:

Seller agrees to sell and buyer absolutely and unconditionally agrees to purchase from seller the above described petroleum products during the period and upon the terms set forth. Payment will be due during the normal billing cycle following each delivery. Contract gallons must be delivered before spot gallons may be delivered. Undelivered gallons at the end of the contract period may be subject to penalties and fees.

Customer Acknowledgement:

I understand that by signing below I acknowledge that I have read this agreement, I understand the terms of this agreement, I have had the opportunity to consult/have consulted with independent legal counsel in connection with this agreement and I have signed this agreement voluntarily.
(Original says "Sign and return {with payment if applicable} within 14 days of date above. Failure to do so will result in cancellation.)

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Neither party to this agreement shall be liable for any damage or otherwise to the other for any failure to perform hereunder when performance is prevented, delayed or otherwise affected by any forace majeure cause including embargo order or requisition of any goverment, Act of God, fire, explosion, strike, industrial disturbance, accident, war, failure or loss of Seller's supplies or facilities of production or any other unforeseeable cause whatsoever beyond a party's reasonable control and not a result of its fault or negligence.

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