Cenex Quicklift HTB

Universal Tractor Hydraulic, Transmission and Wet Brake Fluid

Qwiklift® HTB® is a multifunctional universal tractor hydraulic fluid formulated specifically for agriculture and construction equipment. It is designed to lubricate transmissions, differentials, final drives, wet brakes, hydraulic systems, hydrostatics, PTO’s and power steering components that call for a single fluid.

Qwiklift HTB is specially formulated with high viscosity index Group II base oils and a field proven state-of-the-art additive system that provides unparalleled wear protection for heavily loaded gears, clutches and hydraulic pumps. The formulation has outstanding shear stability, exceptional resistance to high temperature oxidation and thermal stress to extend component life.

This oil also has the optimum balance of frictional properties that minimize the noise and damage caused by wet brake chatter, while maximizing brake and clutch capacity providing smooth operation. Additionally, designed to provide superior transmission and hydraulic performance over a wide temperature range while protecting against corrosion of yellow metals, rust, and foaming.

Qwiklift HTB Low Vis is recommended when extremely cold temperature startup and operation is essential or for use in certain types of hydrostatic drives calling for a low viscosity fluid.

Features and Benefits:

  • Wear Protection: Contains anti-wear additives and proven to protect gears, pumps and other moving parts from wear resulting in extended equipmentlife.

  • Enhanced Friction Control: Outstanding frictional properties provide smooth clutch engagements under heavy loads while improved brake chatter control results in smooth stopping and less noise during operation—ultimately improving productivity.

  • Oxidation Control: Superior oxidation and thermal stability reduces oil degradation and keeps the system free from sludge, varnish, and acids, which in turn contributes to longer equipment and component life.

  • Oil Durability: Operates effectively over a long period of time in a wide variety of equipment, duty cycles, temperatures, and field conditions. It prolongs the life of clutch materials, elastomers and seals, while reducing leakage and maintenance costs.

  • Compatibility: Exceptional filterability and compatibility with OEM proprietary fluids and competitive THF fluids.

  • Expect superior performance in: Agriculture, off-highway and construction equipment calling for a J20-C, THF or UTTO fluid.

    Qwiklift HTB has API GL-4 gear performance. Do not use in differentials and axles that call for API GL-5 gear performance.

Qwiklift HTB Formal Approvals: Volvo for WB-101, Massy Ferguson/GIMA for CMS M-1145, Ford Ambra Multi-G, M2C-134D, AGCO 821XL

Z-F transmissions/axles specifications: TE-ML 03E, 05F, 06K, 17E, 21F

Factory fill approved: AGCO (Cat Challengers, AGCO Challengers, Massy Ferguson, New RoGators, TerraGators, and Air Coups. CVT, see Fendt on the right.

CHS Lubricants recommends that Qwiklift HTB Low Vis is suitable for use in the following applications: John Deere: J20D/B, J21A Versatile: Hy-Gear Fluid, Specification 24M

CHS Lubricants recommends that Qwiklift HTB is suitable for use in the following applications:
AGCO: Power Fluid 821XL, 821, Plus 821 XL
Case-IH: Akcela, Akcell Nexplor (MAT-3525), Hy-Tran® Ultra, HyTran® Plus, Hy-Tran®, MAT-3540, MAT-3505, TCH, MS-1210, MS-1209, MS-1207, MS-1206, JIC 144/145, Powergard PTF
Caterpillar: MTO
Deutz/Allis: Power Fluid 821
Fendt CVT: 1000 hour drain (shortened interval)
Ford New Holland: Ambra, Ambra Multi-G, Mastertran Ultraction (MAT 3540), M2C-134 D/C/B/A, MAT- 3525, M2C-41B, M2C- 53A/B, M2C-86B
Hesston/Fiat: FNHA2-C-200/201 Oliofiat Tutela Multi-F
John Deere: Hy-Gard; J20C/A, JD 303, J14C/B
Komatsu Dresser: AXO 80 Transmission Hydraulic Fluid HMS B_806- 002/1
Kubota: Kubota UDT Fluid, Transdraulic Fluid
Massey Ferguson: M-1145, 1143 Permatran III, MF1127A/B, MF-1129A, McCormick HTX
Steiger: Hydraulic/Transmission Fluid 17001
Landini: Tractor II Hyd Fluid
Versatile: HyGear Fluid, Specification 23M, 24M for Low-Vis
White/Oliver/MM: AG ONE, Universal Fluid, Type 55, Q-1826 HTF
Zetor: OT-H, GL-4

Typical Properties

Physical Tests Qwiklift
HTB Low Vis
SAE Grade (approx.) 10W-30 5W-20
API Gravity / lbs. gal 29.5 / 7.32 31.1 / 7.25
Flash Point, °C (°F) 220 (428) 176 (350)
Pour Point, °C (°F) -45 (-49) -51 (-60)
Viscosity, cSt @ 100°C 9.5 7.2
Viscosity, cSt @ 40°C 61 34
Viscosity Index 140 183
Brookfield Viscosity cP @ -20ºC 4,500 1,300
Brookfield Viscosity cP@ -35ºC 55,000  
Brookfield Viscosity cP@ -40ºC   18,000
Foam D-892 Pass Pass
DKA Oxidation Test Pass Pass
Seal Compatibility Pass Pass
OEM Shear Stability Pass Pass
API Gear Performance GL-4 GL-4
Color Green Blue

The typical properties listed reflect the general characteristics of the product, and are not manufacturing specifications. Normal batch-to-batch variations should be expected.

Available In

  • 1 quart package
  • 2.5 gallon package
  • 30 gallon drum
  • 55 gallon drum
  • Bulk

Call 800-223-1337 extension 3 to confirm availability.