Billing Terms

Regular Terms

The Equity's standard billing terms are 12th of the month. This means all transactions that occur in the span of a calendar month are due the following month on the 12th.

For example, if a customer receives a home propane delivery on January 4, uses the self-serve fuel pumps on January 15 and purchase motor oil on January 31. All three purchases would be due in full on February 12 to avoid late charges. This is the first line on the statement: Due MM/12/YY.

Late charges are denoted as the second line: If paid by MM/31/YY. Late charges are 5% of the total unpaid amount, which was due by the 12th of the month.

If payment is not received or postmarked by the final day of the month, an additional 2% finance charge is applied to the total unpaid balance on the account that was due by the 12th.

Automatic Debit (ACH) is available to customers to allow payments to be automatically withdrawn from your bank account, to avoid having to write checks each month and to avoid late fees and finance charges.

Level Payment Plan Terms

Level Payment Plan (LPP) Terms allow for equalized monthly payments to cover residential home heating propane costs. Additionally, this allows customers to avoid larger bills, late charges and finance fees that can occur with regular 12th of the month terms. LPP runs May through April the following year, or 12 months.

Each month's LPP payment is due by the 25th of the month, instead of the regular 12th of the month. Three Automatic Debit (ACH) options are also available to customers on LPP of the 3rd, 12th or 25th. 

ACH allows customers to have payments automatically withdrawn from their bank account to avoid having to write checks each month.

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Out of Gas Safety Checks

During Regular Business Hours $ 75.00
Weekends & Holidays $ 150.00

We encourage the Keep Full Program for minimal service disruption and to avoid out of gas fees.

Delivery Minimums

Call In Delivery Minimum 250 Gals
Deliveries Less than 250 gals $ 0.20 per gal. fee

Tank Lease

Less than 799 gallons $ 45.00
Over 800 gallons $ 0.00

Level Payment Plan (LPP)

Accounts Paying By Check (Annual Fee) $ 25.00
Accounts Paying By Electronic Draft (ACH) $ 0.00
Tank Lease with usage less than 800 gals. (Annual Fee) $ 45.00

Programs & Contracts

Level Payment Plan (LPP)

The Equity's Level Payment Plan (LPP) spreads your propane costs over the year (12 months) to avoid larger bills, late charges and fees at each fill. LPP runs from May through April of the following year.

Your monthly payment is determined by a calculation of your average yearly usage and projected market price. This equalizes your propane gas bills to avoid peaks in times of higher consumption. The monthly payment may need to be adjusted in the spring depending on the market price fluctuation.


Estimated price per gallon** $ 2.423
Average Yearly Propane Usage 800 gals
Average Annual Propane Cost $1,938.40
Average Bi-Annual Fill Up Cost $ 969.20
Average Monthly LPP Payment $165.00
Total of 12 LPP Payments $ 1,980.00
Based on the example calculation the customer would have a credit balance of $ 41.60.

All LPP Accounts must be paid in full by April 25. Accounts with credit balances have the option to roll the credit into the next LPP calendar year or receive a check for the balance leftover.

The recommended form of payment for LPP is automatic debit, or ACH, from your checking account with withdrawal options of the 3rd, 12th, or 25th of each month.


Accounts Paying By Check $ 25.00
Accounts Paying By Electronic Draft (ACH) $ 0.00
Tank Lease with usage less than 800 gals. $ 45.00

**Based on 10 year average (10/2008 - 03/2019) US Residential Propane Price from

Fixed Price Contract

A fixed price contact allows a customer to lock in a fixed price on an agreed upon quantity from October through March. A $ 0.05 per gallon discount applies, if the contract is prepaid at the time of contract acceptance. Undelivered gallons are subject to penalties and fees.

Prepaid Contract

A prepaid contract allows the customer to prepay for any energy product for the following year. With a prepaid contract the sales tax is not included and will be billed upon delivery of fuel. Undelivered gallons are subject to penalties and fees.