Billing & Payment Options

At The Equity, we understand no two customers are the same. That’s why we offer flexible payment plans designed to best suit each customer’s propane needs. Choose from one of our propane payment plans to fit your budget and lifestyle.

Level Monthly Payment Plan (LPP)
This program allows a customer to spread the propane costs out over the year to avoid larger bills at each fill. LPP runs from May through April of the following year. Your monthly payment is determined by a calculation of your average yearly usage and fixed contracted price. This equalizes your propane gas bills to avoid peaks in times of higher consumption. The monthly payment may need to be adjusted in the spring, depending on the market price fluctuation.

Automatic Debit (ACH)
This convenient program allows payments to be automatically withdrawn from your bank account, so you do not have to write checks each month. It is also a recommended form of payment for the Level Payment Plan.

Fixed Price Contract
This program fixes the price on an agreed upon quantity from October through March. A $0.05 per gallon discount applies if prepaid at the time of contract acceptance. Undelivered gallons are subject to penalties and fees.

Prepaid Contract
With this program the customer prepays for any energy product for the following year. Sales tax is not included and will be billed upon delivery of fuel.

Delivery Minimums
Our minimum call in delivery is 250 gallons. Any delivery less than this will be subject to an additional $0.20 per gallon fee.

Out of Gas Safety Checks
There is a $75 charge during regular business hours and a $150 charge for after hours, including weekends for
Out of Gas Safety ChecksWe encourage the Keep Full Program for minimal service disruption and to avoid out of gas fees.

Tank Lease Program
The Equity Energy Division offers propane tanks for purchase or lease. The lease period per tank is May to April. The minimum annual qualification for a propane tank lease is 400 gallons. There is an annual lease fee of $45 for 400 to 799 gallons. There is no lease fee for annual purchases of over 800 gallons.
If you are not a current customer, we would appreciate the opportunity to serve you.

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