Cylinder Filling Stations

The Effingham Hardware Store, as well as the Lovington and Farina locations, provide customers a place to bring their propane cylinders to be filled; fill sizes ranging from 20 lb to 100 lbs.

Filling D.O.T. Propane Cylinders:
D.O.T. rules prohibit propane cylinders from being refilled, continued in service or transported unless they are properly requalified for LP-Gas service in accordance with D.O.T. regulations. All cylinders, including those apparently undamaged, are required to be periodically requalified for continued service. The first requalification for a new cylinder is required within 12 years of the date of manufacture. The date of manufacture is stamped into the metal on the tank or more commonly on the tank collar.
It is the position of The Equity that we will abide by D.O.T. laws. The Equity will not fill any cylinder that has apparent damage (serious corrosion, bad gouges or dents, leaks, fire exposure or other conditions indicating possible weaknesses that might render it unfit for service) or is beyond the requalification due date.