Grain OLD

The Equity has four grain elevators located in Effingham, Alma, Horace, and Strasburg. The Effingham and Horace elevators are located on mainline railroads, the CN and the CSX giving them rail access to many grain markets including processor, export, and feed manufacturers. We take pride in keeping wait times at a minimum when dumping grain with over 50,000 bushel per hour dumping capacity. At the Effingham location, we use our fleet of semi-trucks to pick grain up from your farm, whether from the bin or from the field during harvest. This service allows you to concentrate on your farming activity, not hauling grain to town.

As a state licensed grain warehouse, we offer several cash grain marketing options including Forward Pricing, Storage, and Price Later. We also electronically transmit our bid sheet to customers daily in addition to hosting a grain app accessed on your mobile phone that allows you to be aware of market price changes.