Join Us for The Equity's Innovation Acre 2020

We Hope You Can Join Us

The goal of Equity’s Innovation Acre, established in 2018, is to provide leading information in agriculture and showcase the products and services we offer to help reduce our customer’s overall cost per bushel. Unfortunately, due to the unprecedented times of  Covid-19 we changed the format of Innovation Acre.

In 2020 our team will do its best to deliver agronomic insights, new products, new brands, and relevant information digitally. Please check the calendar of events for our curbside event at your respective location.

The Equity appreciates your business and we look forward to continuing our relationship and earning your business each year.

Innovation Acre Schedule

August 19th 11am – 1pm

Farmersburg, IN

1001 W State Road 246, Terre Haute, IN 47802

West Liberty, IL

3795 N State Highway 130, West Liberty, IL 62475

Stewardson, IL

1240 N Highway 32, Windsor, IL 6195

Pana, IL

367 N 2500 East Rd, Pana, IL 62557

St. Rose, IL

8307 Main St, St Rose, IL 62230

August 20th 11am – 1pm

Marshall, IL

16990 North Second Street, Marshall, IL 62441

Montrose, IL

15910 N 2300th St, Montrose, IL 62445

Altamont, IL

722 E Cumberland Rd, Altamont, IL 62411

Greenville, IL

1390 Ginkgo Ave, Greenville, IL 62246

August 21st 11am – 1pm

Robinson, IL

14626 E 1050th Ave, Robinson, IL 62454

Dieterich, IL

23801 E State Highway 33, Dieterich, IL 62424

Galton, IL

912 E County Road 600N, Arcola, IL 61910

Alma, IL

805 Railroad St, Alma, IL 62807