AgriMaxx Wheat

Introducing the Agrimaxx Defender and Heavyweight Series!

AgriMaxx Defender Series Wheat

Want enhanced disease protection? Plant a Defender! Developed for superior disease resistance in combination with elite agronomics. Protect your yields and profitability with an AgriMaxx Defender!

AgriMaxx 513 provides superior test weight (+5 lbs vs AM 413), best overall disease package, works across a variety of soils, and good for 15" rows.

AgrimMaxx Heavyweight Series Wheat

Want heavy test weight? Plant a Heavyweight! Developed for  superior, industry-leading test weights capable of 65 lbs. Maximize your grain quality and marketability.

AgriMaxx 505 provides elite top-end yield, stiff straw, very good head scab resistance, good behind corn. Finished #1 in Illinois Wheat High Yield Contest at 133.5 BPA and 64# test weight.

Contact your Equity Crop Specialist today to find out which AgriMaxx variety is the best fit for your farm!