Innovation Acre – Virtual Event

Virtual Innovation Acre 2020

The goal of Equity’s Innovation Acre, established in 2018, is to provide leading information in agriculture and showcase the products and services we offer to help reduce our customer’s overall cost per bushel. Unfortunately, due to the unprecedented times of  Covid-19 we changed the format of Innovation Acre. In 2020 our team will do its best to deliver agronomic insights, new products, new brands, and relevant information digitally. The Equity appreciates your business and we look forward to continuing our relationship and earning your business each year.

Speaker Presentations

Mary Kay Thatcher


Mary Kay Thatcher is a farm girl from Iowa, who found herself in Washington on Capital Hill. She double majored in agriculture business and animal science at Iowa State, worked for the Bush administration, was a lobbyist for the American Farm Bureau Federation, and now works for one of the world’s largest agricultural chemical and seed suppliers, Syngenta.

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Gregg Sauder

Yield Center 360

Gregg Sauder is no stranger to the industry. He and his wife, Cindy, started their farmer-entrepreneur career path with Precision Planting in the early 90’s. That business blossomed and was sold. From there Gregg, his family, and their team started over with launching 360 Yield Center. His passion comes from helping farm families grow more bushels.

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Showcasing Our Business

The Equity & Planters Precision

Your farm is our top priority! Our teams understand it is not only the products, but the services we provide are key to customer satisfaction and profitability. Partnering The Equity and Planters Precisions’ expertise we feel that we can help you achieve high yields and profitability.

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Mary Kay Thatcher




Will Farmers Support Supply Management?
Ethanol, the Renewable Fuel Standard and Small Refinery Examptions
Is the China Phase One Trade Agreement a Success?
What is the Outlook for Reregistration
of Dicamba?

Gregg Sauder

Yield Center 360

Feeding the Corn
Let's Talk Harvest
Plant Health
Early Soybeans
The Value of Starter Fertilizer

Showcasing our Business

The Equity & Planters Precision

Crop Protection Building Tour
- The Equity - Stewardson
Fertilizer Building Tour
- The Equity - Dieterich
Seed & Crop Protection Warehouse Tour - Niccum Warehouse
The Equity - Nitrogen Solutions 
Planters Precision Custom Planter
Build Overview - Part 1
Planters Precision Custom Planter
Build Overview - Part 2
Planters Precision Mobile Max
& Liquid Max
Shop Tour of Planters Precision
- Montrose, IL

Seed Suppliers

Our Seed Suppliers

In order to reach Go 300 and Go 100 yield goals, you have to start with the seed. That's why The Equity carries a wide variety of seed products, and we independently research the hybrids and varieties we sell to recommend the best genetics and trait packages that fit each farmers needs.


GO 100 & GO 300 Winners

GO 100 & GO 300

We would like to thank the growers who have participated in our GO 300 & GO 100 yield contests. The goal of our yield contest is teaming up with our growers to push yield limits and increase yield. While trying to push limits, our GO 300 & GO 100 contests have enabled The Equity and our customers to identify products and practices that have an excellent ROI. We are excited for the yields we will see in the fall.

GO 100 North Region Winner

Swits Farms LTD
96.46 Bushels per Acre
Asgrow 42x9

GO 100 South Region Winner

Rubin Farms Inc.
99.8 Bushels per Acre
Asgrow 36x6

GO 300 North Region Winner

Walters Farms
308.5 Bushels per Acre
Dekalb 70-27

GO 300 South Region Winner

Rubin Farms Inc.
307 Bushels per Acre
Dekalb 62-53

Featured Products

Products Overview



Through our GO 300 and GO 100 initiative, The Equity’s intention is to help our growers achieve 300-bushel corn and 100-bushel soybeans. Since there is a direct correlation between plant nutrition and yield, The Equity needs to offer a reliable way to maintain soil nutrition levels within your field to achieve high yields. MicroDrive is that reliable source to build and maintain the micronutrient levels in your soil. MicroDrive is a great companion to your phosphorus and potassium applications to help reduce the limiting factors of YIELD.



Mach 7 is a new and improved foliar nutritional product, comprised of essential plant nutrients, two forms of phosphate molecules, fully chelated micro-nutrients, surfactants, compatibility agents, and organic acids as well as the latest in potassium uptake technology. Mach 7 is manufactured with the highest quality raw materials on the market today, which once absorbed by the plant helps to promote a healthier plant and root system, and ultimately helps to improve crop productivity. It is uniquely adapted to all crops and cropping systems to promote rapid growth and development.

Mach 7 fertilizer is supplied in a ready to use liquid form, making its application by spray equipment convenient and easy. Apply with adequate water to ensure thorough spray coverage. Mach 7 can be applied with glyphosate and other pesticides for optimum performance.



DRT PRO adjvant is a next generation surfactant-based drift and deposition adjuvant designed to reduce drift, improve deposition, and canopy penetration to optimize pesticide performance.

  • Keeps large drops from becoming larger and reduces fines
  • A non-oil based adjuvant that optimizes pesticide efficacy
  • Provides canopy penetration and coverage
  • NPE free, therefore will not contribute to arrested ear
  • Can be sprayed at multiple crop stages
  • Reduces surface tension improving spreading and sticking of pesticides


Saltro® fungicide seed treatment, the latest technology from Syngenta that contains Adepidyn®, a potent SDHI fungicide, you can now recommend an upgraded SDS solution that provides superior protection from SDS without adding unnecessary plant stress.

The development of SDS is favored by early planting, cool and wet soils, and SCN infection. As growers like yourself are planting early and pushing for 100 bushel per acre soybeans, Saltro is an excellent option to help mitigate the risk of yield loss due to SDS.


PRESIDECL® soybean inoculant brings more nitrogen into the plant by adding additional nodules and making more efficient use of supplied nitrogen. Early nodulation creates more secondary and feeder roots for potentially more nodulation sites, which increases nutrient uptake and creates greater yield potential.

To accelerate nutrient acquisition and assimilation for healthier plants and greater yield potential, PRESIDECL pairs a powerful soybean inoculant along with a unique extender containing Verdesian’s patented “Take Off” technology. This combination improves soybeans’ ability to emerge, establish a stand and effectively utilize the increased levels of nitrogen supplied by PRESIDECL.
  • Up to four times more rhizobia (Bradyrhizobium japonicum) with multiple strains for more consistency
  • Up to 65% more nodulation and nodule masses, increasing nitrogen-fixing capacity
  • Increases nodulation sites to support higher nitrogen uptake and greater yield potential
  • Faster canopy closure to capture more light and preserve soil moisture