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Planters Precision Expands Footprint - Announces acquisition of Saddoris Precision Meter

Dec 30, 2020

Planters Precision, an innovative precision ag company owned by The Equity, is excited to announce its acquisition of Saddoris Precision Meter, a precision agronomy company located in Moweaqua, Illinois. Saddoris Precision Meter will operate as a new location for Planters Precision.

“Like the technology that Planters Precision provides to its customers, ever advancing to better serve customers, Planters Precision is once again growing,” says Bruce Vernon, The Equity’s Chief Executive Officer. " Working with Saddoris Precision Meter marks Planters Precision’s second venture this month. The Equity and Planters Precision are excited about the increased value for not only our customers, but also the current customers of Saddoris Precision Meter and look forward to the experience and expertise Craig Saddoris brings to Planters Precision.”

Craig Saddoris started Saddoris Precision Meter in January 2008. Craig uncovered an opportunity to help growers in the surrounding area increase yields and profitability through emerging technologies. “Craig’s knowledge, expertise, and commitment to customer service led Planters Precision to believe adding Saddoris Precision Meter would be an excellent opportunity,” says Kyle Dasenbrock, General Manager for Planters Precision. “We feel our outstanding team of Service Technicians will add value to customers in the Saddoris Precision Meter area,” says Dasenbrock. Craig Saddoris will continue working with growers in the northwest part of the territory by leading the Moweaqua, Illinois Planters Precision location.

“I believe Planters Precision is a company that will enhance the experience for our existing and future customers.” says Craig Saddoris, President of Saddoris Precision Meter. “I’m also excited about the resources and opportunity Planters Precision and The Equity can bring to our customers.”

Planters Precision’s mission is to introduce profitable precision technologies in agriculture supported by industry-leading knowledge and service. Planters Precision does this through our exceptional Service Technicians and dealerships with Precision Planting, 360 Yield Center, Climate FieldView, Yetter, Harvest International and Martin-Till. “Our dealerships give us the agility to provide customized solutions for growers that best fits their individual farming needs. Now, with locations in Moweaqua, Montrose, and Gays, we look forward to building our business and providing superior products and services to even more customers in the farming community.” says Dasenbrock

About Saddoris Precision Meter
Craig Saddoris started Saddoris Precision Meter in January 2008. Craig pioneered a Precision Planting dealership in Moweaqua, Illinois, identifying precision farming solutions for his customers, helping them increase yields and profitability.

About Planters
Precision Planters Precision is a precision agriculture company that works to increase yields through industry-leading products and services. For more information, visit

About The Equity
The Equity is the largest independent agricultural cooperative in Illinois. The Equity offers a broad range of products to fulfill customers’ needs such as Agronomy, Grain Services, Feed & Livestock, Energy, Hardware & Supplies in a market that covers approximately 20,000 square miles. For more information, visit

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