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Our Agronomy team does what it takes to get the job done, down to the last mile, the last acre and even the last foot.

  • We act as an unbiased resource for your farm, and we make recommendations based on experience, data and an understanding of your goals.
  • We capitalize on technology that makes sense for our member growers to help them be more profitable.
  • We fulfill our promise to get the job done through continual investments in people and equipment.

Agronomy Resource Center

The Equity wants to provide you with the most up-to-date agronomy information. Team Equity will do its best to deliver agronomic insights, new products, new brands, and relevant information digitally, so we will be continually updating this page with relevant articles and videos that factor into your return on investment. The Equity appreciates your business and we look forward to continuing our relationship and earning your business each year.

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GO® FLEX Financing

We offer attractive terms to help you finance agronomy inputs. Make sure to check out the GO FLEX options for your farm.

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"Being able to stay connected to view prepay product balances, invoices, and make online payments throughout the season has been a huge time saver."
Spencer Hammer
Altamont, IL


GO® SMART Precision Farming

Our suite of precision farming tools turns data into yield for your operation. We utilize the latest technology and employ a full team of precision ag specialists to help you sort through the noise and discover the insights that will help you be more efficient and productive.

We integrate our GO SMART offerings with our other agronomic services to deliver a seamless experience that just makes sense for the way you farm.

Talk to us about how GO SMART can help you make smart decisions for your operation.



Bringing Equipment, Technology, and Data to your Agronomy Operation for Farming Success

Offering custom planter, sprayer, and combine installs and rebuild, Planters Precision brings innovative technology to farming operations. The Planters team is equipped with five service trucks for on-farm or field service calls to best serve you. Three locations based in Montrose, Gays, and Moweaqua are available to best serve you.

Innovative Spray Drone Technology for your Growing Operation

In partnership with The Equity, Green Creek Drones will be providing custom spray application in a select geographical area. Contact your nearest Equity location for further details about custom application opportunities for your operation this growing season.

Providing sale to service expertise, the Green Creek Drones team is here to help you Take Control of your custom field application.


GO® CLEAN Crop Protection

Clean fields deliver high yields. The Equity has the people, products and services to help you manage the disease, pests and weeds that can limit the potential of your crops. We are here to help when it comes to preseason planning or dealing with challenging situations as they occur throughout the growing season. Whether you apply your own crop protection products or have them professionally applied, The Equity can tailor a program to meet the requirements of your operation.

GO® CLEAN Adjuvants

We offer our own line of adjuvants designed for the crops in our area to help improve the effectiveness of crop protection products. GO CLEAN adjuvants ensure that the dollars you spend work as hard as possible for your crops.

Crop Protection Products

We work with all the major manufacturers of crop protection products, and we serve as a third-party resource to help you decide what’s the best choice for your fields. We don’t play favorites, and we only recommend what we believe will work best for your farm.

Custom Application

When it comes to custom application, The Equity has the horsepower and the people to get the job done. Whether it’s custom spraying, spreading, or anhydrous ammonia application, time is money and we’re a partner that you can rely on to complete the job. Our combination of knowledge and work ethic is a powerful combination in the field. We also invest in equipment to make sure work is done in a timely fashion. Our buildings are designed to allow fast loading, and our in-field equipment is unmatched in our territory.

Plant Nutrition

Our investments in fertilizer equipment and infrastructure allow you to provide your crops with the nutrition they need when they need it. We also have the technology and expertise in-house to develop a plan for your fields based on data to deliver more yield from every acre.

We carry a wide selection of products, including macro, secondary and micronutrients to manage plant nutrition needs.

Our equipment allows us to utilize multiple nitrogen applications to deliver this vital nutrient when the crop needs it. We also utilize nitrogen stabilizers to prevent losses of N fertilizer and increase N-use efficiency by the crop.

Our 24-hour UAN base allows you access to supply when it’s easiest for you.

We made a specific investment in UAN application equipment, so you can have it custom applied or rent a tool bar to do it yourself.

We utilize soil testing to either build up nutrients in the soil or put a maintenance program in place. We have the ability to soil test fields on grids, and then work with the GO SMART team to make recommendations and use variable rate technology.

Planters Precision gives you the opportunity to manage plant nutrition product applications in many ways, such as liquid on the planter or Y-drop application equipment.

We utilize Nutrisolutions tissue sampling, and our deep sampling history helps us diagnose problems and make recommendations that ensure plants get the nutrients needed to reach their genetic potential.

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Our state-of-the-art fertilizer solutions include our GO VERTICAL line of plant nutrition products.

These products include micronutrients, starter fertilizers and other products in both dry and liquid formulations to get your crop off to a great start and build it up from there.


In order to reach GO 300 and GO 100 yield goals, you have to start with the seed. That’s why The Equity carries a wide variety of seed products, and we independently research the hybrids and varieties we sell to recommend the best genetics and trait packets that fit your needs.

Our agronomists also conduct in-field research to determine what seed works best on each acre based on soil type and management practice.

Seed Brands

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Farm Safety

At The Equity, we value the safety of our employees, customers, and the communities we serve.

This commitment is the reason we offer growing trainings to keep you up-to-date on certifications and provide you easy access to online resources.

Our people are our greatest asset, and they are the first in the field and the last out time and time again. Call upon the Agronomy team at The Equity for recommendations, service and advice, and know that we will deliver for you.


Agronomy  Management Team

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Agronomy Location Managers

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