Get Smart with GO SMART

A comprehensive, high-management agronomy system focused on “Turning Data into Yield.”

The GO SMART system uses the latest technology to help you make “SMART” decisions for your operation. Today’s technology can seem overwhelming. The Equity has qualified staff in place to help maximize profitability on every acre utilizing the “GO SMART” system.

GO SMART Services

Grid Soil Sampling

A soil health check every 4 years is essential in building a good foundation for utilizing technology.


Variable-Rate Nitrogen

Nitrogen rates can be recommended and managed within your “SMART” zones.

Variable-Rate Fertilizer

Precision calculations based off of soil test levels and projected crop removal.

Variable-Rate Seeding

Utilize your “SMART” zones to establish population and possibly hybrid selection.

Building Management Zone

A consultation session with your Equity Salesperson is the best way to establish “SMART” management zones.

Multiple data sources including: customer’s field knowledge, GPS yield history, topography, NDVI imagery, USGS soil survey can be used to construct “SMART” zones.

Fertility Prescriptions Derived from Nutrient Removal

Soil fertility is maintained at current levels by replacing what is removed from previous crops.

Single year or multiple year crop removal, Phosphate & Potash can be combined to create a single VRT application.

Yield Data Edits

Editing yield data could be necessary to “clean up” unwanted data points.

Clean yield data is critical to build correct management zones.

Yield Data Analysis

Yield data can be analyzed to evaluate different practices within your field or “SMART” zones.



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