Agronomic Solutions Through Equipment and Service

The Equity brings together equipment, data and agronomy for farming success.

Planters Precision is a critical part of the agronomy offering at The Equity, providing our members with a comprehensive look at their crop farming planning and execution.  

Our expertise in equipment, data collection and agronomic techniques all come together to deliver for our customers in better allocation of inputs, higher yields and greater efficiency in the field. 

Superior Service

With five full-time employees, we’re focused on our customers and their equipment to make sure everything performs in the field. We come to you to tailor an equipment approach that works best for you and your operation. 

Grounded in Agronomy 

We work closely with you and your agronomist to pinpoint agronomic issues that your operation is struggling with and find out whether equipment is the limiting factor. From planting to nutrient application to yield monitoring and tillage practices, we can help.

Long-term Thinking

Farm equipment is a major expense and often a piece of equipment remains active on the farm for years. We’ll help you find solutions that fit the vision for your farm well into the future.


When it comes time to build out crop nutrition and precision planting plans, Planters Precision has the background to work seamlessly with the Go Smart specialists from The Equity to make sure plans are executed exactly as expected. 

Here for You

Whether your question is related to equipment, agronomy, software or something else entirely, we’re here to offer advice and suggestions. We’ll explain how today’s equipment is manufactured and engineered, so that you understand why it may bring value to your operation.  

Not sure where to start?
You can count on service after the sale with Planters Precision. We work with you to keep your planters rolling, fix issues and adopt new technology over time.