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A Fixture in Feed for More than 60 Years

Our focus is your success and the well-being of your animals, which is why we deliver top-notch nutrition programs, great customer service and the best quality products.  

At The Equity, our Feed & Livestock Specialists understand how important performance is to your livestock operation, and we work with you to develop a customized plan to best suit your needs and the animals in your care.

Our Locations and Products 

The Equity operates mills in Effingham, Horace and St. Rose, and we offer bulk feed services from these locations.  
  • Our Effingham location houses a fully automated, multi-species mill. 
  • St. Rose is primarily a ruminant mill.  
  • The Horace location is a newly constructed, fully automated, state-of-the-art swine feed mill.   
In addition to bulk feed, we offer quality bagged feed options from The Equity Hardware Do It Center in Effingham and the St. Rose mill. You’ll find The Equity brand feed, as well as feed from other animal nutrition providers, including ShowRite® Show Feeds, Nutrena® Animal Feeds, Tribute® Equine Nutrition and Kalmbach® Feeds. 
Our Nutrition & Livestock Specialists cover more than 20,000 square miles in Illinois, Missouri and Indiana. 

Livestock Production Consultation 

The Equity offers assistance to livestock producers looking to meet current regulations for livestock production. Our USDA/NRCS registered TSPs assist with permitting for the construction of a new facility with the Illinois Department of Agriculture. We provide setback requirements as well as comprehensive Nutrient Management Plans. 

Dairy Feed

The Equity offers custom-blended dairy feed in bulk and bags, as well as bagged feed from brand-name suppliers. Our mills use only high-quality ingredients, and our efficient manufacturing process allows us to provide customers with cost-competitive products. 

“Getting cows bred is very important on our dairy, and our reproduction has been excellent since doing business with The Equity.”

Brad Fuhler, Fuhler Dairy
Our Dairy Nutrition Specialists are here to help you provide optimal nutrition, and they offer feed sampling, least-cost diet formulations, and amino acid formulations. We also maximize the use of homegrown forages and build diets around them; and we work with Industry experts to help solve any problems that might occur. 

The Equity understands that dairying is your livelihood. We’re here to stand along-side you and confront challenges, while we do whatever we can to help you increase profitability over time. We focus on herd health, because we believe healthy cows lead to a profitable business.  

Beef Feed

No matter what stage of beef production defines your operation, the Beef Nutrition Specialists at The Equity will help you find a successful nutrition plan.

We understand that cattle are your livelihood, and we take your herd’s health very seriously. To ensure a maximum rate of return, we offer feed sampling, formulation of least-cost diets, and clinics with industry experts to keep you in the know. Our goal is to work with you to increase your rate of return over time. 

Our specialists work with the ingredients you have on the farm and fill in gaps in between. We also manufacture and stock a wide variety of minerals, lick tubs, pellets and everything in between for your cattle operation. 

Swine Feed

Our newly constructed, fully automated, state-of-the-art feed mill in Horace gives us the capacity to produce large volumes of custom bulk feed for swine growers across the territory we serve.  

Our swine team develops programs for swine herds that include budgets for successive stages of growth. You’ll know how many tons each ration requires for improved feed efficiency and rate of gain. This not only allows for convenient purchasing, but it also creates an excellent opportunity for risk management. 

Look to The Equity for one of the largest selections of swine feed in the region.

Swine Partnerships 

In addition to providing swine feed, we offer Swine Producer Partnerships. This low-risk business helps you diversify your operation and create a steady source of income during the up and down cycles in the agriculture economy.

Read more about Swine Partnerships >

Show Feed

The Equity and The Equity Hardware Do It Center are proud to be authorized Show-Rite® Show Feeds dealers. Show-Rite® Show feeds have been a staple in the show livestock industry for many years.

We also manufacture our own line of The Equity branded swine show feeds using Show-Rite’s® Alltech® technology.  

Our knowledgeable staff will help you select the right product for your show animal needs. We look forward to working with you to create a competitive and enjoyable experience for our local youth, who enjoy taking part in the livestock industry. 

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