The Nutrition Your Animals Need to Thrive

The Nutrition Your Animals Need to Thrive

The Equity Feed Team is driven by customer service and quality. We provide what you need, how you need it, when you need it!

Mission: To sustain growth in agriculture for generations

Vision: We are the leading feed provider in the Midwest.

Nutrition Solutions, Toll Milling, & Wholesale

Custom Feed

The Equity can provide custom rations through collaboration with a customer's preferred nutritionist, regardless of size, situation or preference. 

Feed Brand

The Equity Elite products are locally manufactured, proven feeds with a robust quality assurance program to ensure consistency and on-farm results.


The Equity has the ability to provide optimal value with our  diverse ingredient offering.

Bagged Feed

The Equity Farm & Home Store is an active  member of our community and able to offer you the best value for all species.


The Equity has wholesale relationships throughout our feed delivery area to provide our neighbors with quality products for their customers. 

Service Area
Service Territory

Customer Consultation

Robotic Dairy Nutrition Consultation

Pelleted Feed

Freshly Pelleted Feed

Bagged Feed Delivery

Bagged Feed Delivery Service

Manufacturing Capabilities

Customer service drives everything we do at The Equity.  Our ability to supply complete feeds, balancers and ingredients in meal or pelleted form gives customers options to fit their management style. Additionally, Equity's FDA licensing  ensures we are able to provide Category II medications and feed additives as requested. This variety of capabilities puts The Equity on par with nationally branded feed manufacturers. 

Our Beta Raven automation system ensures ration accuracy, consistency, and traceability. The system allows for tracking of actual to theoretical verification of each ingredient along with appropriate mixing time, pellet mill temperatures and other manufacturing guidelines.

  • Truck Receiving
  • Truck Receiving Primary
  • Rail Capable
  • Triple Stack Roller Mill
  • Double Stack Roller Mill
  • Hammer Mill
  • 2 - 42" Triple Stack Roller Mills
Grinding Capacity
  • 55 ton/hr Rolling
  • 55 ton/hr Hammer
  • 70 ton/hr combined
  • Beta Raven
  • Beta Raven
Ingredient Storage
  • 1300 Tons
  • 2000 Tons
  • 23 Bins
  • 4 ton Scott Twin Screw
  • 6 Ton Scott Twin Screw
  • 2 major
  • 1 minor
  • 2 micro
  • Tote
  • Loss & Weight
  • Hand Adds
  • 2 major
  • 1 minor
  • 2 micro
  • Loss & Weight
  • Hand Adds
Micro Table
  • 30 Bin Beta Raven System
  • 4 Loss & Weight Bins
  • 7 Totes
  • 36 Bin Beta Raven System
  • 4 Loss & Weight Bins
  • 4 Totes
Pellet Mills
  • 100 Hp & 200 Hp CPM
  • 500 Hp CPM
Finish Feed Storage
  • 750 Ton Storage
  • 39 Bins
  • 1200 Ton Storage
  • 24 Bins
  • Single Driveway
  • 72 ton/hr positioned on scale
  • Two Driveways
  • each 150 ton/hr
  • Both positioned over scales

Food Safety, Traceability, & Quality Assurance

The Equity Feed mills are HACCP certified, ractopamine free, and utilize Beta Raven automation to ensure full manufacturing traceability. With two feed mill locations and ‘Approved Supplier’ program, we are able to manufacture or procure feeds for all species with minimal risk of contamination.  

The Equity Feed Team is actively involved in food safety, from the pellet mill operator to the Quality Assurance Analyst. Many touch points ensure the feed we produce is safe, traceable, and the highest quality. Ingredient testing focuses not only on nutrient value, but also mycotoxin presence and levels. Drug assays are ran to validate drug inclusions match ration specifications and mixer efficiency (CV) tests confirm mix consistency throughout a batch of feed. Pellet durability indexes are used to continually audit our pellet quality for our customers and their animals.

Feed Testing

Pellet Durability Index Tester

Feed Testing

Corn Grind Monitoring

Delivery, Accuracy, Tracking, & Customer Notifications

Biosecurity is top-of-mind for The Equity Feed Team. In addition to multiple sanitation and separation protocols within the mill, we offer Sal-Curb as a feed scrubber for any customer looking for in feed pathogen control. The biosecurity efforts do not stop with the mill. Our feed delivery drivers utilize FeedTrackur  which maximizes traceability through GPS delivery coordinates, electronic paperwork and reporting, and real-time sequence history. Upon delivery, customers receive real-time notifications confirming the Right Feed in the Right Bin at the Right Time. All drivers follow truck disinfectant and wash protocols as well as on-farm precautions to limit pathogen exposure and transfer. 

Salcurb logo
FeedTrackur Logo
Disinfecting truck carriage between feed deliveries

Truck Wash/Disinfectant
Bulk Feed Delivery

Bulk Feed Delivery
Driver Delivery Confirmation

Driver Bulk Feed Delivery Notification
Customer Delivery Notification

Customer Bulk Feed Delivery Notification

Dairy Feed

The Equity offers custom-blended dairy feed in bulk and bags, as well as bagged feed from brand-name suppliers. Our mills use only high-quality ingredients, and our efficient manufacturing process allows us to provide customers with cost-competitive products. 

“Getting cows bred is very important on our dairy, and our reproduction has been excellent since doing business with The Equity.”

Brad Fuhler, Fuhler Dairy

Our Dairy Nutrition Specialists are here to help you provide optimal nutrition, and they offer feed sampling, least-cost diet formulations, and amino acid formulations. We also maximize the use of homegrown forages and build diets around them; and we work with Industry experts to help solve any problems that might occur. 

The Equity understands that dairying is your livelihood. We’re here to stand along-side you and confront challenges, while we do whatever we can to help you increase profitability over time. We focus on herd health, because we believe healthy cows lead to a profitable business.  

Beef Feed

No matter what stage of beef production defines your operation, the Beef Nutrition Specialists at The Equity will help you find a successful nutrition plan.

We understand that cattle are your livelihood, and we take your herd’s health very seriously. To ensure a maximum rate of return, we offer feed sampling, formulation of least-cost diets, and clinics with industry experts to keep you in the know. Our goal is to work with you to increase your rate of return over time. 

Our specialists work with the ingredients you have on the farm and fill in gaps in between. We also manufacture and stock a wide variety of minerals, lick tubs, pellets and everything in between for your cattle operation. 

Supplement Products
Trace Mineral Blocks, Loose Mineral and Supplemental Tubs

Swine Feed

Our newly constructed, fully automated, state-of-the-art feed mill in Horace gives us the capacity to produce large volumes of custom bulk feed for swine growers across the territory we serve.  

Our swine team develops programs for swine herds that include budgets for successive stages of growth. You’ll know how many tons each ration requires for improved feed efficiency and rate of gain. This not only allows for convenient purchasing, but it also creates an excellent opportunity for risk management. 

Look to The Equity for one of the largest selections of swine feed in the region.

Swine Partnerships 

In addition to providing swine feed, we offer Swine Producer Partnerships. This low-risk business helps you diversify your operation and create a steady source of income during the up and down cycles in the agriculture economy.

Show Feed

The Equity and The Equity Hardware Do It Center are proud to be authorized Show-Rite® Show Feeds dealers. Show-Rite® Show feeds have been a staple in the show livestock industry for many years.

We also manufacture our own line of The Equity branded swine show feeds using Show-Rite’s® Alltech® technology.  

Our knowledgeable staff will help you select the right product for your show animal needs. We look forward to working with you to create a competitive and enjoyable experience for our local youth, who enjoy taking part in the livestock industry. 


Farm & Home Store ShowRite Dealership

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