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When you see the familiar orange and green colors of The Equity on the side of a delivery truck or propane tank, it’s the sign of comfort and confidence. Focused on service, we sell and deliver high quality fuel and lubricant products throughout central Illinois and western Indiana.

Our delivery drivers are the face of our cooperative and backed by a full staff at community locations. They are highly trained, experienced and locally based. They know their customers and the local communities.

We serve a wide area from our offices at Effingham, Farina, Lovington, and Marshall.


When you choose The Equity as your propane supplier, you gain the security of working with a locally owned company built on a foundation of honesty, value, safety and service.

We provide consistently competitive propane rates backed by the highest quality service you’ll find. Propane delivery is available at our Effingham, Farina, Horace, Lovington and Pana locations.

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Residential Service

Enjoy the warm, clean burning benefits of propane in your home, backed by the reliable service of The Equity. We offer budget friendly programs such as GO LEVEL PAY, so you can plan on a consistent monthly cost for heating your home. Sign up for our scheduled delivery program, and never have to worry about checking the tank and ordering again. We’ll make sure you have the propane you need when you need it.

Farms and Businesses

Since 1919, we have built relationships with farmers and businesses alike, becoming a trusted partner. We treat your business as if it was part of our growing family, offering the best rates and access to our team of propane professionals.

We provide scheduled delivery service, including tank monitoring systems for our larger accounts. When you sign up for our monitoring system, your driver receives a daily report of your tank level, so you’ll never have to worry about running out.

In addition to monitoring, we offer a number of convenient services for ag and commercial accounts:

  • Propane contracts
  • ACH billing
  • Grain drying contracts
  • Volume discounts for larger customers

Contact a member of our energy team and let’s talk about how we can be your propane supplier.

Refined Fuels

The Equity sources our refined fuels from multiple top-tier suppliers, which allows us to offer superior quality fuels at highly competitive prices.

You’ll find a variety of bulk fuel options including road and farm premium diesel and biodiesel, premium and regular unleaded gasoline, kerosene and #1 dyed for winter use.

We offer several options to our customers for contract pricing, delivery and billing of refined fuels. We also offer sales and lease programs for refined fuel tanks in multiple sizes.

Refined fuel delivery is based out of our Effingham, Lovington and Marshall locations.

Fueling Stations

The Equity has branded fuel locations in Effingham and at the Jack Flash in Altamont. As a customer, you can conveniently fill-up 24-hours a day, and your monthly fill-ups are consolidated into one monthly statement. Contact us for more information on setting up an account for refined fuels with The Equity.

POWER-MAX® GO® additive

Maximize your engine performance with POWER-MAX® GO® additives from The Equity. Our premium diesel is formulated to deliver a number of benefits for your engines, including better lubricity, detergency and cetane.

Clean Burning Biodiesel

The Equity provides Clean Burning Biodiesel made from corn and soybeans with NO animal byproducts. 

Transport Deliveries

We offer transport delivery service of bulk, semi-load delivery for propane and fuel to the farm or commercial locations.

We have a dedicated propane transport and a dedicated refined fuel transport. For more information about bulk propane and refined fuel deliveries, please call 217-342-4101.


From tubes of grease to drums of oil, we carry the products necessary to keep your truck, tractor, semi, ATV or any other piece of equipment properly lubricated with the highest quality products from Cenex® and Mobil® Oil.

We take pride in the products we offer and know that you are using what we consider to be the best line of lubricants on the market.

Products are available for pickup or delivery to your farm or business (bulk oil has 100-gallon delivery minimum). You’ll find them at our locations in Effingham, Lovington and Marshall, and at the Do It Hardware Center in Effingham.

Contact a member of The Equity Energy Team to learn more about options available in our lubricants line from Cenex and Mobil® Oil.


With Tier 4 engine systems in full swing, we offer DEF to our customers. Spray DEF into the exhaust stream of diesel vehicles to break down dangerous NOx emissions into harmless nitrogen and water.  We carry DEF in multiple sizes, and we can deliver in bulk to commercial locations.

Energy Billing Programs

The Equity offers a variety of programs, contract options and billing terms to fit our diverse customer base.

Residential programs include GO LEVEL PAY, Scheduled Delivery, Summer Fill and Tank Lease.

Agriculture accounts have access to GO FLEX Financing, which replaces Semi-Annual Billing, to defer fuel expenses without worrying about accruing late charges on their open trade account.

All account types including commercial accounts have access to fixed price and prepaid contracts on refined fuels and propane.

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