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While grain markets may get cloudy at times, you’ll find that working with The Equity for grain marketing is always clear. We get to know your objectives, and then we develop plans with you, spending the time it takes to help you understand the underlying risk.

Our knowledge comes from our own experience on the farm, and we would never recommend a strategy that we wouldn’t use on our own operations. We’ll tell you the straight story and help you get a better price for your grain at a comfortable risk level for you.

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Our facilities

Our grain elevators are located in Effingham, Horace and Strasburg, Illinois. Effingham and Horace are on mainline railroads, the CN and the CSX. This gives them rail access to many grain markets, including processors, export terminals and feed manufacturers.

We keep wait times at a minimum when you need to dump grain, with more than 50,000 bushels-per-hour dumping capacity. Our Effingham location offers a fleet of semi-trucks to pick grain up from your farm, whether from the bin or from the field during harvest. This service allows you to concentrate on farming, not hauling grain to town.

As a state licensed grain warehouse, we offer several cash grain marketing options including Forward Pricing, Storage and Price Later. We also settle up quickly and get you paid when you need it.


Diversification Brings Perspective

The Equity is a diversified cooperative, and our knowledge of numerous interconnected markets helps us better understand what’s going on with grains.

For example, our expertise in livestock operations and feed puts us in a unique position to understand the economics of an industry that consumes a large share of the corn in the U.S., ultimately influencing corn prices.
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Contract Strategies

When it’s time to sell your grain, we offer a number of options for contracting and cash sales.

Before we do anything, however, we’ll visit with you to understand factors that are important to you and your operation. How do you use risk management? Do you have on-farm storage? What’s your crop insurance coverage, and how comfortable are you with risk?

Once we have a good understanding, we’ll work with you to determine which tools best fit your operation. Then we utilize our GO EDGE Platform to custom build your marketing plan.
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GO EDGE is an interactive, customizable, risk management tool designed to help customers with dynamic decision making and contract analysis.

Grain App

The Equity Grain Mobile App

We electronically transmit our bid sheet to customers daily in addition to hosting a grain app accessed on your mobile phone that allows you to be aware of market price changes. Near real-time cash bids and 10 minute delay futures from CME Group.

View current and near-real-time cash bids for all the Equity locations, plus futures, weather, news, and more. Weather includes temperature, wind, precipitation, clouds, pressure, sunset, humidity and the 5-day forecast.

In addition, always have easy contact information for the Equity location nearest to you. The app includes contact information for 18 locations in Illinois. Call directly from the application. Read More >


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