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EQUITY ELITE Heifer Hoof Plus R1600

Bulk Option Available

  • In premix form for flexibility for customized feeding applications
  • Mineral and vitamin fortified for proper immune function
  • Medicated with Rumensin® for increased rate of gain
  • Formulated to be used with multiple forage diets
  • Feed at the rate of 4 oz per head per day
  • Formulated to meet nutritional requirements of finishing cattle consuming diets containing corn products
  • Highly fortified vitamin and mineral levels
  • Feeding Recommendation: Feed 60 days prior to breeding through 30 days after breeding for replacement heifers, 30 days prior to breeding thru 30 days after breeding for cow-calf, and in a total mixed ration or free choice for dairy
Available in 50 lb bags at The Equity Farm & Home Store in Effingham, IL.