Nutrena® Country Feeds® Starter-Grower  18% - Medicated


Chicken Feed

Nutrena® Country Feeds® Starter-Grower  18% - Medicated

Complete Feed

Country Feeds Chick Starter Grower 18% Crumbles Medicated will start your chicks off right and support proper growth.

  • Complete nutrition to meet the demands of healthy, growing chicks

  • 18% protein to support muscle development and weight gain

  • Fortified with vitamins and minerals to support healthy growth and development

  • A complete chick feed—no need for supplementation

  • Crumble form encourages feeding

Available in 50 lb bags at The Equity Farm & Home Store in Effingham, IL



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Crude Protein not less than 18.00 %
Crude Fat not less than 2.50 %
Crude Fiber not more than 7.00 %
Lysine not less than 0.90 %
Methionine not less than 0.34 %
Calcium (Ca) not less than 0.75 %
Calcium (Ca) not more than 1.25 %
Phosphorus (P) not less than 0.60 %
Salt (NaCl) not less than 0.25 %
Salt (NaCl) not more than 0.65 %
Sodium (Na) not less than 0.15 %
Sodium (Na) not more than 0.24 %


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Feed as the sole ration from hatch to 22 weeks

Don’t let feeders run empty

Clean feeders and waterers regularly

Provide fresh, clean water at all times

Provide appropriate size grit as needed

Oyster shell or coarse-ground limestone may be fed from 16 weeks of age for laying birds

Layer replacement pullets should be switched to Country Feeds Layer at 16 weeks or the onset of lay