Greg Taylor Appointed Chairman of the Board for IFCA

Jan 27, 2022

Greg Taylor, Director of Agronomy Operations
Greg Taylor, Director of Agronomy Operations has recently been appointed the position of Chairman of the Board for the Illinois Fertilizer & Chemical Association. Greg will do an outstanding job as chairman. We appreciate the time and effort put in by the staff and all board members of the IFCA. The IFCA’s mission is to support agriculture retailers & farmers in the following ways:

  • Communicates and provides assistance with regulatory compliance.

  • Influences legislative and regulatory policies for the crop production supply and service industry at the state level. 

  • Provides safety training programs for retailers and farmers.

  • Promotes and encourages the safe and environmentally sound handling and use of nutrients and crop protection products. 

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Oct 04,2022
The Equity is pleased to announce that as of October 3, 2022, The Equity Farm & Home Store will open a second location. We will be operating in the former Home Center store located at 4 Do-It Dr, Altamont, Illinois that was owned and operated by the Mathias family for many years in the Altamont community. After many years in business, the Mathias family decided it was time to exit the retail business and felt it was a good transition to sell store inventory to The Equity who was already a member of the Do-It-Best franchise family and has a reputation for serving customers in our rural communities.
May 06,2022
The Equity is pleased to announce the acquisition of Beverlin Oil company of Newton, Illinois. The Beverlin family and it’s employees have built this refined fuels delivery business on a commitment to service since 1976. The business is comprised of about 2,000,000 gallons of refined fuels annually.
Jan 07,2022
Autonomy in agriculture has been a something on the horizon that most were not sure when they would see used efficiently across multiple acres. The Equity is embracing this new technology by being one of the first ag retailers to demo the OMNiPOWER autonomous spreader from Raven. The Equity GO SMART Team has taken the lead and adopted this automation, utilizing it to spread fertilizer pounds on the ground.